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Cellular plastic has been used as insulation for more than fifty years and has long been the first choice of the construction industry. The insulation produced then function just as well today. If you insulate with BEWi products, not only will you be able to enjoy a warm and dry climate, but your grandchildren and their children will as well. The material’s many advantages makes cellular plastic the insulation material of today and tomorrow. BEWi’s cellular plastic can be used for anything from getting your jetty to float, draining your basement wall, molding a foundation, insulating a roof, and many more applications.


Advantages of EPS :

Humidity resistant

Cellular plastic is highly resistant to humidity.

Mould resistant

BEWi’s cellular plastic does not contain any nutrients that may result in the growth of bacteria or microorganisms.


Our cellular plastic is a material that simultaneously insulates against cold and protects against wind.

Easy to handle

The cellular plastic boards are lightweight, safe, and easy to handle. They can be simply cut to size to fit any application.

Stability and durability

The material’s cell structure gives our cellular plastic much higher compressive strength than competitive products such as mineral wool. The material is so stable that it can be used to build highways and bridges.


Cellular plastic is safe to work with. It does not give off fibres or harmful substances. The material does not contain any artificial colouring or other chemical additives.

Areas of application

  • Foundations
  • Wall insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Façade insulation
  • Attachments
  • Drainage
  • Wood insulation
  • Road blocks
  • Light filling