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BEWi Construction system / ICF

Low energy houses according to the LEGO principle – the absolutely simplest way to a new residential home, holiday home, industrial building, pool etc. With BEWi Construction system anything is possible!

BEWi CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM is flexible and can be used for foundations, foundation walls and walls in all different types of low energy buildings, from residential houses and industrial facilities to small holiday homes and farm buildings and pools.

The system consists of a moulded EPS which is assembled with plastic spacers in different dimensions, creating a flexible concrete core. The result is a unique, insulating construction system that conserves energy, gives you a good interior environment without mold, and which also muffles sound. Also, it is virtually maintenance free.

In a residential home with a basic area of 100 sqm, two people can put up the ground floor framework in two days. That is a 40% shorter work time, compared to traditional material