Växa of Sweden

Växa of Sweden

växa of sweden

The modern pot at an attractive price

Lightweight pot made in a durable material
Your perennials get the best opportunity to winter outdoors thanks to the lightweight and durable EPP material (expanded PolyProp).

Highest quality material
EPP is successful and can handle both impact and shock and should not be confused with simple, cheap cell plastics such as styrofoam.

The material in the pot breathes while isolating the plants’ sensitive root systems against both cold and heat during all seasons, which means that you do not need to water so often.

Environmentally friendly
Växa of Sweden-pot lasts and can then be recycled. It is also biodegradable.

The pot is made in Sweden by BEWi.

Order, call +46 176 – 208 500

To see full specifications and more product images, go to http://www.vaxaofsweden.se/