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BEWi is the leading supplier of EPS, EPP and Fabricated Foam solutions in the Nordic countries. With us you will not only buy a finished product. We will help you find the best protection and packaging solution. Our expertise is always available to our customers.

We offer a wide standard assortment with everything from protective packaging to cooling boxes and fishing boxes. We also have a very competent design team that will find packages to suit your needs. We either start with a 3D model that you supply or we will base our selection on the products that need packaging and we will help you with the design. Our DesignCentre models out an optimal packaging solution based on your requirement specifications. The solution is presented in a 3D environment and comes with a prototype if you so desire.

The wisest way to protect what you pack

Cellular plastic is a material that has unique qualities and good plasticity. As a shock protector, the materials are unsurpassed, mainly through their muffling and elastic qualities. If there are any shocks the movement energy is resumed – in the same way as the collisions zones in a traffic safe card. Low weight and simple packaging also contributes to good packaging economy. At the same time, a cellular plastic protection often raises the status of the packaged product.