BEWi Group wants to establish and develop stable and trusting business relationships with our customers. In the future we can see technical, financial, ecological and social challenges that we will in cooperation with our customers and partners find solutions for. EPS, which is the focus of the BEWi Group’s operations, has a wide variety of ecological advantages compared to other material. For years our work has been focused on further improvement of the beneficial qualities in this material, as well as the development of new applications.

EPS has a number of ecological advantages compared to other comparable materials.

  • EPS is very light: parts of EPS contain 98 percent air. The remaining two percent consist of the neutral basic substance polystyrene; a pure hydrocarbon.
  • EPS is made without any hazardous substances: No hazardous chlorofluorcarbones (CFC) or plastizers (ftalates) are used during production or processing of EPS.
  • EPS is safe for food packaging: moldable parts made from EPS meet all requirements for food packaging.
  • EPS is recyclable: used EPS parts are completely recyclable. Our conviction is that we in ten years will be able to recycle the material completely and it is our responsibility to be a part of speeding up the development. In our operations, the work primarily involves energy sources and energy efficiency.

All factories in Sweden and Danmark are certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment)